The journey of a website project begins with a single step.”

If you’ve been holding off from creating or updating your online presence, now’s the time to act.

According to StatsCan*, Internet traffic in Canada increased almost 50% during the 2020 pandemic lockdown. Global demand for online information continues to increase, with more than 5 billion unique users at the beginning of 2022 — representing over 60% of the world’s total population with access to the Internet.**

My passion as a graphic artist and web designer has led me to exciting creative projects for growth and development. I understand that each client has unique goals and certain objectives they wish to accomplish. With no preconceived ideas or corporate policy to interfere, there is freedom to discover the best solutions for your business or organization.

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*Internet use and COVID-19: How the pandemic increased the amount of time Canadians spend online

**Digital 2022: Global Overview Report

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